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Airless Spraying

Airless spraying works by pumping paint at a very high pressure through a hose and spray gun tip which is designed to allow consistent flow to form a fine spray on surfaces resulting in a flawless, mirror-like smooth finish.

Some advantages of airless spray are:
Speed- Airless spraying is faster as bigger areas can be covered quickly. This process is almost 4 times faster than brushing and rolling.  

High Quality- Due to the pressure, airless sprayers produce an even coat of paint on surfaces leaving a very high quality finish.

Versatile- Our Wagner ProSpray gun is easily transportable from jobsite to jobsite and can be used for a wide range of coatings, including exterior and interior jobs.

We do both residential and commercial interior and exterior work, such as:


Exteriors— roofs, fences, footpaths and floors

Interior —  ceilings, walls, trims, doors and furniture.


Institutional work like schools, hospitals &public buildings. 


A showcase of some of our spraying work continues below..  

Colourbond Fencing

'Classic Cream' Colourbond fencing sprayed by Women in White Painters with their Wagner ProSpray spray gun from the original colour to a darker blue to enhance the wow factor of their new pool and outdoor area to come! 

New Homes

Women in White have full time contracted work through different well-known housing companies and private builders throughout Melbourne and Regional Victoria so you can be assured that the team have the experience to produce quality work and high quality spraying in your new home!

Tiffany and her team painted this house in Healesville in July. To ensure the paint job was of high quality, it was agreed that the home would be sprayed with top quality paints and prepared with top quality materials.  


Natural white was used for all surfaces and a Satin Enamel gloss was used for the woodwork and the finish was absolutely flawless.


The owner of this business is the consummate professional! Nothing is too hard, she listens to the client, thinks laterally, has excellent time management skills & is extremely cost effective. Being a female owner builder is difficult at the best of times, dealing with different trades etc. however the mutual respect between us made dealing with my painter all the more pleasant in a large part due to the fact that, yes, she's a she! Her gorgeous chihuahua José cinched the deal for me though. Couldn't be any happier with the job she did for me in Healesville recently & I'd highly recommend utilising her skills.

Jen - Healesville, Victoria

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