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Colour Consulting

Colour Consulting can involve much more than simply advising a customer on paint colours for the exterior and/or interior of your home.


We can develop a colour palette personalised for you that creates flow and integrity that continues throughout. Depending on where we are starting from we can consider how your bricks, pavers, roofing, windows, flooring, tiles and paint work together to create a singular style for your colour scheme.


Additional surfaces may include roofing, fencing and guttering. 


For those clients who are looking to refresh the interior colour of their home, our colour consultation will take into consideration the mood you are looking to create and the style of your home whether it be more modern or traditional styled.

Colour can be considered the most important aspect in the interior and exterior decorating process.  In addition to your personal preference, your colour scheme choice is impacted by the proportions of your space and the amount of light in a room.

With thousands of tints, shades and tones available in the colour selection of any well-known paint label, the colour scheme choice can be overwhelming. We understand how difficult it is to imagine how a small swatch of colour will look and change when applied across an entire wall!


We are highly experienced in confident colour selection and we will ensure to remove any uncertainty for you.

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